Karaoke Capitalism

Transformational leadership is different than the day-to-day administrative or transactional leadership we have been accustomed to. Transformational leadership is the very special type of leadership required at those moments when you reach a key intersection or a strategic inflection point. It is not the old style, reactive, copy cat leadership that Dr. Jonas Ridderstråle of the Stockholm School of Economics warn us about in his book Karaoke Capitalism. It is not the sad, watered-down herd mentality or imitation leadership that is a second rate copy of the original.

Different types of leaders are required at different times. Transactional leadership is for a “business as usual” time and place. Transitional leadership is suited for the purposeful pause between periods of change, when we just need to catch our breath and reorient. Transformational leadership, on the other hand, is for those unique “business as unusual” circumstances, like right now.