5 Minutes Early Is On Time; On Time Is Late; Late Is Unacceptable

I couldn’t agree more with this author’s take on being late. It feels like running late, and last minute cancellations, have become the rule rather than the exception in business. I can’t stand it. I don’t like it at the doctor’s office, I don’t like it in a meeting, and I don’t like it socially either. No matter how you frame it, being chronically late is a selfish act; you are somehow, whether by accident, time mismanagement, or sheer inconsideration, deeming other people’s time and schedules as less important than your own. And it feels as though it’s becoming more and more acceptable and expected when, in fact, it should be becoming less and less so.

One of my favourite quotes from the following Forbes article, listing the realities of what being late really means, is the following.

“Megalomaniacal. While most grow out of this by the age of eight, some genuinely believe they are the center of the universe. It’s not attractive. Note, this is also called Donald Trump Syndrome. Do you want to be compared to Donald Trump?”

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

The next time you are booking that 11:00 am meeting uptown, on the back of a 10:00 am meeting downtown, and thinking to yourself “I’m sure I can make it on time”, take a moment to consider the impact on other people’s schedules if you don’t.

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