Are We A Fit?

There is an old saying, used by both tailors and carpenters alike, about the wisdom of “measuring twice and cutting once”.

In our business, ensuring the right “fit” matters just as much.

In fact, we believe one of the most important factors in guaranteeing the overall effectiveness of any strategic planning exercise, human capital assessment or leadership development initiative comes down to the “fit” between the organization and the partner they chose to involve.

Over the course of our history, we’ve been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with some truly remarkable organizations and their leaders which have, in turn, led to some true, long-term partnerships. We know that “fit” matters!

As a result, we want you to be as excited about working with us as we are with you but we also know it is important to set the right expectations — up front. So, in order to help you understand where we’re coming from, and the way we work with clients, we’ve come up with some “qualifiers” that might help get things started.

If we’re a fit, give us a call!

What Works Best For Us   What Doesn’t Work So Well
Transformational change agenda vs Traditional maintenance project
Committed mission driven leader vs Don’t rock the boat bureaucracy
Mindset of urgency and resolve vs Cautious, small steps approach
Solutions/changes that are bold vs Products/services to fill a hole
Desire for candour and hard facts vs Superficiality and avoidance
Appetite for doing and daring vs Bias for risk aversion
Partnership over long haul vs Vendor to fill an immediate need

If we’re a fit, Contact Us


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