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“Maxxam Analytics has partnered with Doug Williamson and The Beacon Group for more than twenty years, across numerous engagement types - corporate strategic planning, leadership skills training and one-on-one executive coaching. Leveraging his wisdom, experience and engagement style, we have learned and grown as an organization and as individual business leaders. And along the way, Doug has been witness to our evolution from a small, regional laboratory services company into one of international dominance.
Are you thinking about The Beacon Group to play an advisory role in your organization? Get ready to be uncomfortable, to be agitated and to have your premise challenged. Be prepared to stretch your thinking muscles and to search beyond the horizon for insight. Be willing to open your mind to new paradigms and innovative ways to connect dots. Do these things, and Doug Williamson will take you and your team on a journey of discovery. I am pleased and proud to recommend The Beacon Group to play a part in your growth story.”
Randy Leavitt, Senior Vice Presient - Environmental & Specialty Services, Maxxam Analytics Inc.
“The Beacon Group’s program proved to be a transformational experience for our staff, and has created a new, more open culture of creativity and collaboration that has given The Globe and Mail a marked and measurable competitive advantage.”
Phillip Crawley, Publisher & C.E.O., The Globe & Mail
“Doug Williamson and the Beacon Group team bring top level thought leadership, combined with pragmatic and practical solutions. This has helped our organization build engaged teams and leadership capability.”
Rowan Saunders, President & C.E.O, Royal Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada (RSA)
“The Beacon Group was able to handle our 360 feedback reviews across all our offices in a manner that brought significant value to our partners, the firm and ultimately our clients.”
Judson Whiteside, Partner, Miller Thomson LLP
"We really enjoy working with Doug Williamson and the Beacon Group because they take the time to get to know and understand our business and our people. With that context always kept in mind their advice and guidance brings great value to our organization. That they are a pleasure to work with on top of all that is a wonderful bonus."
Mark Young, Managing Partner, Cassels Brock LLP
"Cultural change and modernizing the organization are two very difficult goals for a company striving to produce sustainable financial and operational results. Doug Williamson and the Beacon Group team have become our most Trusted Partner in this endeavor. They have taken a pragmatic and swift approach in transforming our organization to one of high performance.”
Howard Eng, President & C.E.O., Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA)
“From the first time I met with Doug Williamson, it was clear that he possesses a broad perspective of both business and leadership that I would be able to benefit from.
Through Doug’s experience and the Beacon Leadership evaluation tools, I gained tremendous insight into opportunities to develop further as a strategic leader and to even more effectively engage our team members.”
Robin Powell, Vice - President & Country Head, Sony of Canada Ltd.
“I have worked with the Beacon Group over the past ten years to help my companies achieve their maximum potential both domestically and overseas. The Beacon Group has a unique ability to cut through the noise and isolate key opportunities for enhancing performance. Their experience and “hands on” approach in dissecting the strength’s and weakness’s of my companies, has helped me turn average organizations into more effective, performance-oriented teams.”
Don Romano, President & C.E.O., Hyundai Auto Canada Corporation
“The Beacon Group demonstrates a strategic and long term approach to their clients - striving beyond transactions, to build relationships. They cultivate an understanding of your needs and systematically work to add value across your Human Resource opportunities”.
Allan Cosman, President & C.E.O., Ferrero Canada Ltd.
"Douglas Williamson and The Beacon Group provided a structured and strategic review of our business culture. With their guidance, we have been able to better align our company values and identify core leadership competencies. Their practical approach provides simple and easily manageable solutions to complex business issues."
Jean Gattuso, President & C.E.O., A. Lassonde Inc.
“My experience working with the Beacon Group has always been positive. Their approach to change management by providing in-depth talent assessments and clear assessment of our current workforce, helped us to clearly identify our high potentials and build a plan for talent development. Their approach is the best in the industry. Doug’s style, experience and energy make The Beacon Group a strategic partner that gets great results.”
Bob Courteau, C.E.O., Altus Group Limited
"Working with Doug was a great experience. He was tremendously helpful at a time when EDC was changing its culture and building its capabilities to execute on an ambitious strategy. He worked well with the executive team, delivering high impact strategic advice in a very dircet manner. And it worked."
Benoit Daignault, President & C.E.O., Export Development Canada
“I have worked with Doug and The Beacon Group for more than ten years now, and it just keeps getting better. At Hootsuite, we have had two critical offsites with Doug and my leadership team, and both times the decisions we made together resulted in millions in incremental sales, and a far more efficient team overall. While it is an overused term, Doug is a game changer at the strategy table. One of his strongest skills is his ability to push everyone on the team beyond their comfort zone, leaving no stone unturned. The true benefit of this is that when the team gets back to their day jobs, everyone is bolder in both their execution and decision making. I could not recommend Doug and his team more highly.”
Bob Elliott, Senior Vice President - Global, Enterprise Sales. Hootsuite Media Inc.
“The Beacon Group works to develop an assessment that is fully customized to your unique environment, reflecting your organization’s vision, values, and business needs. It does very well at establishing the proper culture, and ensuring the entire team is fully engaged and aligned. In our rapidly changing environment, Doug Williamson has a unique and diverse point of view that allows the team to stretch their minds and challenge convention. Doug is an excellent facilitator. His depth of understanding is second to none, and he has a unique ability to convey that understanding to a broad range of individuals. A big benefit has always been the amount of preparation that goes into each session. Doug is very professional, very knowledgeable and very communicative.”
Mary Ellen Carlyle, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Dome Productions
Have you read “Straight Talk on Leadership” by Douglas Williamson? If not, I encourage you to do it now. What you see is what you get, and that’s not always the case when you are working with a partner! I had an opportunity to work closely with Doug, and I benefitted from his experience and his candour. He pushed our thinking, we pushed his, and together we created the most impactful Leadership 360 Developmental tool that I have ever seen. I’m quite fond of his no nonsense approach and his ability to deliver in a short time frame. We’ve been using the tool for the last three years, and have seen very strong results and meaningful improvements in leaders’ self-awareness.”
Lynn Roger, Chief Transformation Officer, BMO Financial Group
"We worked with Doug Williamson and The Beacon Group at an inflection point in our business - to change the leadership culture and transform our collective thinking to meet both the short and long term challenges presented by changing technology, talent pool and market disruptors. Doug's grounded approach to change the dynamic of the leadership team to one of collective problem solvers rooted in Design Thinking and Long Term Strategic Imperatives began our journey toward accelerated change, faster growth and improved profitability."
Vasken Altounian, President, HD Supply
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