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The Beacon Group Identifies 2010’s Most Promising Leadership Training Trends
Jan 14, 10
Leadership and Management training will certainly see a return to prominence in 2010. As the business community gets “back to business” training and development will once again become a focus in leading organizations, and their Human Resources Departments. In fact, a recent study of Canadian Chief Financial officers indicated that 54% of those polled will increase the investment in professional development in order to retain employees.

With this in mind, The Beacon Group, a Canadian-based professional services firm that helps their clients leverage their investment in Human Capital, has been studying recent advances in Leadership Training, and has published a white paper outlining what they believe will be the biggest trends this year. This paper breaks the trends into three sections, Level, Delivery and Content.

“One-size-fits-all training programs were left in the dust during this past recession. The best return on investment for an organization’s training budget will be to tailor training programs to key populations, including Senior Executives, High Potentials or Emerging Leaders, and Front Line Managers.” says Doug Williamson, President & CEO of The Beacon Group. “You should compare the approach to a slider light switch; turn up the intensity of the workshop based on the level of the participants.”

“As organizations rebuild their Leadership training curricula, we see a return to basics and business fundamentals this year” said Williamson, “Topics such as Strategic Thinking, and Decision Making will be among the hottest topics.”

Not only will the content of most business training programs return to core concepts, the delivery will once again focus on in-class business training.

“While online learning will remain on the agendas in most organizations, the key to retaining and ultimately developing your High Potentials and Emerging Leaders will require instructor led training” adds Williamson. “At The Beacon Group, we’ve found time and time again that blending in-class learning with pre and post-session work is preferred by participants looking to broaden their business knowledge.”

To view a copy of The Beacon Group’s white paper entitled “Leadership Development Trends 2010” please go to

The Beacon Group is a leading advising firm in the field of organizational development. Companies across various industries have used The Beacon Group’s assessment products and advising services to leverage their investment in Human Capital. The Beacon Group specializes in Employee Surveys, 360 Feedback Assessments, Early Talent Identification (ETI), Management Training, and Performance Management Systems. Clients including Mercedes-Benz, Aeroplan, Xerox, Sony and SAP have used The Beacon Group’s services to grow their thriving businesses.

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