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Preparing for the Next Recession is the key to surviving says The Beacon Group
Feb 16, 10
As we emerge from the recent economic downturn, your organization should start to prepare for the next recession according to The Beacon Group, a Canadian-based professional services firm supporting clients throughout North America and around the world in the development of their business strategies and in leveraging their investment in Human Capital.

“We know that the next downturn is coming” says Doug Williamson, President and CEO of The Beacon Group. “Not tomorrow, not the next day, but if you think this one was going to be the last one, you’re going to run into some trouble.”

In order to help their clients, The Beacon Group published a paper on “Preparing for the Next Recession” in which they outline the various parts of an organization a leader must focus on to get ready. These elements include preparing the Leadership Team, The Organization overall, and an Organization’s people.

“In our view, getting the strategy, the structure, and the Human Capital plan right, you’re halfway to victory” adds Kyle Couch, Vice-President of Client Learning Experience at The Beacon Group who co-authored the paper with Williamson, “the next part is the tough part, executing effectively, and keeping the focus on the future. “

In the paper The Beacon Group points out that all organizations had to do was look for the warning signs, and be prepared.

“What happened to too many organizations is that they dismissed the warning signs, and were forced to take corrective measures while in a state of panic.” Williamson says, “it is therefore no wonder that these companies ended up making poor decisions, and lost ground on their competitors, or worse yet, closed their doors – for good.”

To view a copy of The Beacon Group’s white paper entitled “Preparing for the Next Recession” please go to

The Beacon Group is a leading advising firm in the field of organizational development. Companies across various industries have used The Beacon Group’s assessment products and advising services to leverage their investment in Human Capital. The Beacon Group specializes in Employee Surveys, 360 Feedback Assessments, Early Talent Identification (ETI), Management Training, and Performance Management Systems. Clients including Mercedes-Benz, Aeroplan, Xerox, Sony and SAP have used The Beacon Group’s services to grow their thriving businesses.

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