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Economic Recovery will shift focus back to Talent Management in Organizations
Mar 25, 10
When times are tough, the first things to be cut within an organization are often budgets for training and far more damaging Talent Management. However, with the recent economic recovery, those same organizations must now scramble to re-establish their internal programs.

“The worst part is, organizations who tend to make this cuts often realize that they have lost their best people due to their shift in focus when the economy recovers” Says Doug Williamson, President and CEO of The Beacon Group, “which leaves then in an even bigger hole.”

In a recent paper entitled Talent Management in the New Business World, The Beacon Group goes so far to say that establishing and maintaining a comprehensive Talent Management Program is one the keys to success going forward.
“While Talent Management is a broad umbrella of programs intended to help position an organization through its people, we feel that if you focus on four key areas, namely, Differentiation, Assessment and Ranking, Performance Management and Improvement, all delivered Transparently, your organization can truly reap the rewards” adds Williamson.

To ensure your organization is truly benefiting from Talent Management, your organization should ensure that there is alignment throughout the Human Resources, Training, and Organizational Development department to ensure that leadership gaps are identified, addressed, and progress is monitored.

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The Beacon Group is a Canadian-based professional services firm supporting clients throughout North America and around the world. We work with organizations in all sectors and industries in the development of their business strategies and in leveraging their investment in human capital. Our full line of service offerings ensures we are not only able to help leaders understand the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of their organization, but also develop and deliver programs that address their key areas of concern.

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