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Having the Mindset of the Winner will help turn the Corner during the Economic Recovery
Nov 12, 09
With a number of indicators pointing towards slow, but sustainable recovery, now is the time to pick up the pace within your organization in terms of talent, mindset, and decision making.

“From where we see the world, things are starting to line up for a great start to 2010” proclaims Doug Williamson, President and CEO of The Beacon Group. “We’re optimistic that companies that have taken the time, and prepared for a ‘rebirth’ will fare better than their peers.”

According to the latest issue of Navigate, a quarterly publication from The Beacon Group, a Canadian-based professional services firm, if your organizational goals are lofty for 2010, there must be a number of initiatives in place, or underway
“We are seeing a number of companies that are coming out swinging these days, more focused, more strategic, more thoughtful and better able to execute,” says Williamson, “there’s a great buzz in the business world these days.”

To effectively prepare for 2010, organizations can benefit from rebuilding key programs to develop talent, and deal with the inevitable challenges the new business reality will present.

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The Beacon Group is a Canadian-based professional services firm supporting clients throughout North America and around the world. We work with organizations in all sectors and industries in the development of their business strategies and in leveraging their investment in human capital. Our full line of service offerings ensures we are not only able to help leaders understand the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of their organization, but also develop and deliver programs that address their key areas of concern.

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