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Organizations must focus on Strategic Thinking, not Strategic Planning, according to The Beacon Group
Apr 20, 10
Thorough analysis of research conducted by Henry Mintzberg from McGill university, Jeanne Liedtka from the Darden school, and Philip Kotler from the Kellogg School of Management, The Beacon Group has identified the need for organizations to develop a stronger focus on Strategic Thinking, as opposed to Strategic Planning in order to successfully navigate the post-economic downturn business world.

“The real drive to conduct this analysis came from a report conducted by the Corporate Executive Board, called the Stall Points Initiative, wherein they determined that 83% of all organizational stalls in growth could be attributed to preventable reasons,” says Doug Williamson, President and CEO of The Beacon Group. “We determined that while strategic planning was indeed necessary, there was far too little focus on the even more important organizational capabilities around Strategic Thinking, and Scenario Planning.”

In the latest issue of their quarterly publication Navigate the Future, The Beacon Group proposes that business strategy success is dependent on strategic thinking. The report goes on to say that among the steps to take, organizations must assemble what they call a Thinking Team, to help ensure that a variety of future scenarios are considered.

“We have all seen firsthand how the discontinuity of the market has wreaked havoc on many highly regarded companies and their ‘set in stone’ strategic plans.” adds Williamson “by embracing strategic thinking, organizations can better prepare for the next recession, or just about anything else that comes their way.”

The Beacon Group is an authority and global pioneer in the field of organizational development. Hundreds of companies across various industries have used the firm's assessment products and advising services to leverage their investment in human capital. With a strong focus on innovation, The Beacon Group delivers cutting edge perspectives to corporations facing a range of organizational challenges. Clients including Mercedes-Benz, The Globe and Mail, Scotiabank, Aeroplan, CTV Globemedia and Export Development Corporation have used The Beacon Group's services to grow their thriving businesses.

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