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The Beacon Group shines a Light on Organizational Strategy
Oct 07, 11
In a new quarterly report, Doug Williamson, President and CEO of Toronto-Based professional services firm The Beacon Group identifies the key breakdowns organizations run into during their strategic planning process. He believes that the success of an organization’s strategy is 100% dependent on the quality of the strategic planning process, and more importantly how that process improves over time.

“The business graveyard is full of organizations that spent time and energy developing bad strategy,” Mr. Williamson explains, “we know that many leadership teams try to develop strategy from behind the heavily fortified walls of their departmental silos. This fact inevitably creates a strategy that is not cohesive, collective, or comprehensive.”

The report entitled “Blind Spots, Bias & Bravado”, developed initially to help reinforce the concepts of The Beacon Group’s approach to Strategic Thinking and Strategic Planning for its clients, outlines a number of “core competencies” that organizations must develop in order to be more effective, and ultimately more successful in their strategy development. These competencies encourage organizations to change their mindset, and approach to how they see their organization, its competitive space, and which direction it can, and should go.

“Leaders in great organizations are able to truly confront their reality, and develop an organizational strategy that will outpace their competition who may be unable to clearly see through the fog.” Adds Mr. Williamson.

To read the full report, go to the “Resources” section of The Beacon Group’s website

The Beacon Group is a Canadian-based professional services firm supporting clients throughout North America and around the world. We work with organizations in all sectors and industries in the development of their business strategies and in helping them leverage their investment in human capital.

Our practice is divided into four main areas of expertise:

Strategy | Culture | Talent | Leadership

When integrated, this broadly based expertise provides our clients with a comprehensive Organizational Health and Business Performance System.

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