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The Beacon Group Helps Organizations Understand Generation Y
Dec 02, 11
One of the biggest challenges facing the mid-management ranks in most organizations in recent years is the perceived issues surrounding new employees from what many call Generation Y. The Beacon Group, a professional services firm based in Toronto has worked with a number of organizations around the world deal with this situation from a leadership and management perspective.

“The truth is, every new generation entering the workforce brings with it a new approach to work, and other generational nuances” says Kyle Couch, The Beacon Group’s Vice-President of Talent and Organizational Development. “It’s certainly amazing how much this new generation is creating waves.”

In a recently published paper on the topic, Mr. Couch outlines what organizations must do to actually attract, retain, and ultimately develop this cohort, as well as to integrate them into the broader organization in an effective manner.

“We find that this group has is certainly perceived in a negative light, despite the number of great things they actually bring to the workplace, from their need to tackle large problems, their approach to innovation, and their requirement for a fun, social workplace.” Mr. Couch adds.

According to the report, published on The Beacon Group’s website, Generation Y employees actually create much more good than harm for organizations. Like it or not, they are the future of the business world, and the more organizations can do to attract the best and the brightest, the greater the likelihood of ongoing success the organization can enjoy.

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The Beacon Group is a Canadian-based professional services firm supporting clients throughout North America and around the world. We work with organizations in all sectors and industries in the development of their business strategies and in helping them leverage their investment in human capital. Our full line of service offerings ensures we are not only able to help leaders understand the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of their organization, but also develop and deliver programs that address their key areas of concern.

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