Applicant Management System

The Objective:

To ensure the organization has access to a “pool” of pre-screened candidates, through the use of a rigorous online assessment and filtering process.

Ensuring your organization stays well ahead of your competitors when it comes to talent identification, attraction and selection is absolutely essential if you wish to remain competitive in today’s hyper aggressive business world. The “War for Talent” is well and truly underway.

The use of our proven Web based recruiting, validation and selection process can help your organization eliminate expensive employment agency fees while ensuring a better pool of potential candidates are screened, ideally matched and motivated to work for your organization.

Our experience has shown that by switching your focus away from a process aimed at creating a list of candidates to fill a position, to a process that strategically positions your company through a quantifiable, deliberate and objective recruiting process means you can secure a better quality of candidates as well as reduce costly turnover on an ongoing basis


  • Web-based candidate access and reporting administration
  • Multi dimensional and adjustable screening filter
  • Customized assessment content


  • Centralized on-line statistical and demographic reporting
  • Standardized document management
  • Streamlined processing


  • Modernization of the corporate recruiting process
  • Recruiting for expansion into new locations
  • Special recruiting campaigns

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