Performance Management Systems

The Objective:

To create objective, comprehensive measurement tools that evaluate the ongoing performance, potential and capability of leaders, managers and employees.

The design and implementation of an effective performance management system helps an organization link together the various important elements of its overall human capital management plan, from recruitment and compensation, through to talent evaluation and succession planning, and then all the way to leadership development and personal growth.

The performance management framework must be designed to not only support current business objectives, but also the long term needs and potential of the organization and its people. Our expertise is in designing the various performance metrics and ensuring their effective integration into a total “system” that becomes a practical business management discipline.


  • Online, web-based format, access and application
  • Easy to use, visual and practical reporting
  • System interface capabilities


  • Comprehensive multi-faceted design and integration
  • Real-time access and reporting
  • User friendly applications


  • Performance Management and Talent Evaluation
  • Capability and Talent Mapping
  • Coaching and Mentoring  

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