360° Feedback

We design – implement and administer highly effective, fully customized 360° Feedback processes that provide detailed insight and clarity into the performance of leaders, at all levels, as seen through the eyes of a multi-rater panel of diverse assessors.

We believe – the use of 360° Feedback, when expertly conceived and professionally applied, is the most effective means of collecting objective feedback on leadership competence. It is the only way to obtain the kind of focused insight necessary to craft targeted leadership development and performance improvement plans.

Our expertise covers the five critical elements of a world class 360° Feedback program.

Design – using existing, or creating new, Leadership Competency frameworks

Administration – ensuring the total confidentiality of assessors

Analysis – of the aggregate results to determine enterprise wide Action Plans

Debriefing – to individuals who have been assessed

Action Plans – to ensure focused improvement at the individual level

This is the only meaningful approach for an organization that is serious about developing a high performance leadership culture, and the rich pipeline of leaders needed to lead successfully into the future.