Cultural Effectiveness

We understand – the link between “What” an organization strives to achieve (i.e. the Strategy), and “How” it actually does it (i.e. the Culture), is crucial to ensuring its long-term effectiveness and success.

We believe – establishing the right culture, and ensuring employees are engaged, aligned and acting collaboratively, are all essential steps in helping an organization realize its overall objectives.

As a respected leader in the design, administration and analysis of Organizational Culture Assessments, we use the insight gained through our “deep dive” toolkit to help senior executives enhance the effectiveness of their leaders and the organization overall.

The identification of cracks in the Organizational DNA is the first step in providing the accountability framework leaders need to optimize the potential of the organization.

We work with you to develop an assessment instrument that is fully customized to your unique environment, and reflects your organization’s values, culture and business needs. Our proven survey processes, and web-based technology, ensure not only record levels of participation, but help you arrive at a deep and insightful view of the organization’s climate, its strengths and its vulnerabilities.