Organizational DNA Assessment

All of our research and experience has led us to conclude the best framework on which to build a High Performance culture is the Organizational DNA model. The concept is pragmatic and straightforward.

The fundamental premise of the Organizational DNA model is the belief that the difference between a “healthy” and a “not so healthy” organization can best be determined through the prism of four essential management processes. It goes on to suggest that when these processes are fully understood and examined in detail, they point directly to the root cause of the principle breakdowns in overall performance effectiveness.

The four “stands” of Organizational DNA are:

1. The Organizational Structure itself
2. The Decision Making process
3. The Knowledge Transfer process
4. The Motivation & Differentiation process

It is this fact-based deep dive analysis that, in turn, allows you to properly identify potential risk factors and focus precious time, attention and resources on improving the underlying processes. Ultimately, these processes can then be continually monitored and improved over time, to ensure they become, and remain, finely tuned performance enablers.