Strategic Planning

We provide – experienced professional facilitation to help you and your leaders develop, shape, communicate and effectively implement a well-conceived Strategic Plan.

We believe – the key to any great Strategic Plan lies in a rich sharing of diverse points of view that allow the team to stretch their minds and challenge convention.

Using a combination of interactive decision support technology, and our well proven PDR Planning Methodology, we are able to enhance and expand the “strategic thinking” part of the planning process. The technology supplements and improves upon the more traditional facilitation process, and makes the exercise far more dynamic and impactful.

We are able to collect and then prioritize insights, issues, important facts and different points of view quickly and efficiently. This allows decisions to be made on an effective and efficient “real-time” basis.

Allowing us to facilitate the meeting will ensure your team remains focused on reaching full understanding, clear alignment and a total commitment to the critical priorities you are choosing to set and incorporate in your strategic plan.