Talent Assessments

We value – the importance of an Emerging Talent Identification (ETI) process as one of the most progressive tools available to support your talent identification and succession planning efforts.

We believe – it is the obligation of every leader, as part of modern day good governance, to develop an accurate and objective view of their talent base, and a comprehensive, future-oriented human capital strategy for their organization.

The ETI process is designed to help systemically and objectively assess the current leadership performance, the future potential and the promotability of emerging leaders. This three dimensional view is based on a methodology focused on “Predictive Behavioural Indicators” or PBIs. These indicators provide an insight into the important qualities, aptitudes and characteristics needed to meet today’s leadership complexity.

The identification of capable, competent future leaders, at an early stage, can have a tremendous and even game-changing benefit in terms of ensuring the long-term viability of your organization.