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the secret to reducing employee productivity

Have you ever seen a child put their hands over both ears and say “blah blah blah” while someone else is speaking so as not to hear them? Have you ever seen a CEO doing the exact same thing, minus the hands on the ears and the “blah blah blah”? You know what I’m talking… Read more »

Activity and productivity are not the same!

It seems so intuitive. Everyone knows this right? Business 101? Just because an employee is doing something, doesn’t mean they are accomplishing something of value for the organization. Or even accomplishing anything at all. And yet it still seems relatively unacknowledged, or at least often unaddressed by employers, that just the act of being in… Read more »

Knowledge Transfer Gone Wrong

Ask any CEO to describe, in detail, the knowledge transfer process within their organization. Ask them to explain the metrics they have in place to ensure that the process is effective and how those metrics have trended in recent years. Ask that same CEO who is responsible and accountable for the knowledge transfer process. Ask… Read more »

Russian Roulette in Business

Despite all the frameworks, theories and elaborate models available to help guide and educate leaders about high-performance team effectiveness, leaders still seem to fall into one of two basic camps – those who believe they already have a highly effective senior team but who, in reality, do not, and those who know they have an… Read more »

The Folly of Conflict Avoidance

Conflict avoidance and superficial congeniality (to quote Jack Welch, the former CEO of General Electric) is an odd and twisted form of logic. It might have worked well enough when our competitors were half asleep, the economy was booming and higher rates of inflation conveniently covered the cost of some of our business sins, but… Read more »

Self Confidence, Determination and Grit

When an organization and its people become dependent upon instructions, policies, procedures and processes passed down from above to help guide their activities, they can only respond in the way they have been trained, by adhering to choices made by someone else. Transformational leadership, requires not only self confidence, determination and grit, but also that… Read more »

Dealing with the Unpredictable

In the frothy, uncharted waters of the unpredictable open sea which leaders face today, a good compass replaces the map as the primary means of navigation. Leaders are being asked to lead under conditions that look much more like those of the stormy, unpredictable North Atlantic than the well-paved routes of the Trans-Canada Highway. As… Read more »

Underleveraged, Underperforming, Underwater

Canada has a great deal to offer the world when it comes to business leadership and ideas, but we have not worked hard enough at defining, packaging and exporting our unique point of view. We appear to have been more than willing to outsource our leadership thinking, operating models and business principles to the Americans,… Read more »

The Invaluable Role of Deviants

The true viability of any organization is ultimately gauged by how well it anticipates and addresses market needs, fills critical value gaps and provides customers with a great product, outstanding service and a memorable experience. This is more the case today than ever before, with an even bigger premium being placed on the anticipation and… Read more »