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Let’s talk talent … people matter!

I believe the real difference between success and failure in a corporation can be very often traced to the question of how well the organization brings out the great energies and talents of its people.” — Thomas J. Watson, Jr. A Business and its Beliefs (1963) It’s hard to imagine that the son of former… Read more »

The four secrets to employee engagement

What I like most about Rob Markey’s HBR article below is that he really does simplify employee engagement to the bare basics. Rob’s first point about HR being less important than direct supervisors could be contested, in our business we certainly rely heavily on the support of HR departments and HR professionals to design and… Read more »

thoughts on thinking

I’ve been thinking a fair amount about thinking lately. How much time do I spend doing it? How much time do other people spend doing it? How much of a given day, week, or month should be dedicated to the simple process of reflection and/or thought? In an era of pushing productivity to the limit,… Read more »

the secret to reducing employee productivity

Have you ever seen a child put their hands over both ears and say “blah blah blah” while someone else is speaking so as not to hear them? Have you ever seen a CEO doing the exact same thing, minus the hands on the ears and the “blah blah blah”? You know what I’m talking… Read more »


In the days leading up to their 20th Anniversary extravaganza sale, “Prime Day”, Amazon hyped an event that they declared would have “more deals than Black Friday”. They teased about major savings on electronics, home appliances and baby products. By all accounts this event would be huge! Just hours into the sale, however, Prime Day… Read more »

a few words on the passing of Satoru Iwata

Many of us come into this world with the luxury of choice. In a sense, we control our own destinies, or at least a good portion of us actively try to, by choosing our investments in education, the jobs we take, the places we live, the people we include (or exclude) from our lives, how… Read more »

you’re never too old for fairy tales

INSEAD is a serious institution of higher education and I often enjoy the serious and scholarly articles they share through INSEAD Knowledge. So, it was quite unexpected to find an article on fairy tales by INSEAD professor Manfred Kets de Vries. Kets de Vries has actually written a book entitled “Telling Fairy Tales in the… Read more »

rethinking brainstorming

As a paid facilitator, it might seem risky to openly admit to the pitfalls of group brainstorming. The reality is, however, that overused and improperly executed, brainstorming sessions can be a waste of time for everyone involved. Akin to their close cousin, the improperly focused or overly frequent staff meeting, where participants dread attendance and… Read more »