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why CEO’s fail

I recently revisited an article written by Ram Charan and Geoffrey Colvin entitled “Why CEOs Fail”. It popped into my head one afternoon at the cottage, and after a quick Google search I was able to locate it in the Fortune Magazine archives at the link below. When I looked at the original publish date,… Read more »

the secret to reducing employee productivity

Have you ever seen a child put their hands over both ears and say “blah blah blah” while someone else is speaking so as not to hear them? Have you ever seen a CEO doing the exact same thing, minus the hands on the ears and the “blah blah blah”? You know what I’m talking… Read more »

Top Navigate Publications

Somehow, it seems to be that time of year already … back to school and back to business! While you are ramping up, and tweaking your plans for the remaining months of 2015, allow us to be that little voice that constantly reminds you to step back and take stock. To help you do this,… Read more »


In the days leading up to their 20th Anniversary extravaganza sale, “Prime Day”, Amazon hyped an event that they declared would have “more deals than Black Friday”. They teased about major savings on electronics, home appliances and baby products. By all accounts this event would be huge! Just hours into the sale, however, Prime Day… Read more »

rethinking brainstorming

As a paid facilitator, it might seem risky to openly admit to the pitfalls of group brainstorming. The reality is, however, that overused and improperly executed, brainstorming sessions can be a waste of time for everyone involved. Akin to their close cousin, the improperly focused or overly frequent staff meeting, where participants dread attendance and… Read more »

why culture and leadership matter for disruptive innovation

I came across a short, but very interesting article on entitled “Why culture and leadership matter for disruptive innovation”, written by James daSilva. It begins with some slightly radical, but excellent advice – daSilva suggests you should bring in “troublemakers and tinkerers”. Fantastic! When talking to leaders about transformational change in their organizations, or… Read more »

working mothers make better employees but less money

While I seem to be on a kick about talking about family, you may have noticed another Williamson on The Beacon Group’s website besides myself, my daughter and VP of Assessment Solutions, Shannon Williamson. Shannon has worked for The Beacon Group for 17 years now, through the birth of two children, just a year apart… Read more »