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The four secrets to employee engagement

What I like most about Rob Markey’s HBR article below is that he really does simplify employee engagement to the bare basics. Rob’s first point about HR being less important than direct supervisors could be contested, in our business we certainly rely heavily on the support of HR departments and HR professionals to design and… Read more »

the power of positive leadership

My grandson Spencer is the student council vice-president for his primary/middle school in downtown Toronto. At 12 years old he seems well on his way to running the world, or at least a mere Fortune 500 company, and it is very gratifying to watch him thrive in a leadership role. One of the student council’s… Read more »

The Coach as Leader

We are nearing the end of what is arguably the largest sporting event in the world; the FIFA World Cup. In the spirit of the tournament I decided to write a quick post linking sports with business deficiencies. The most talented players only want to play for the right coach with the right system and the… Read more »

Declaring Victory Too Soon

Steve Yzerman, Leadership

At the macro level, sustainable performance excellence depends on the willingness of the team to measure its effectiveness in a rigorous manner on a regular basis and with a focus on getting better, not just getting there. In other words, leaders need to understand and accept there are a set of well-known hurdles to cross… Read more »

Personal Credibility & Trusted Judgement

Decision Making Intelligence is the second credibility builder and it is the ability to solve problems, resolve issues and come to conclusions that satisfy the various stakeholders and leave them feeling fully and clearly committed to the decision. It is about personal credibility and trusted judgment. In order to be credible, leaders must combine their… Read more »

Understanding the Future: Bold Imagination

The innovation we need to transform our organizations is not developed by digging for the provable facts and empirical evidence hidden deep in the well of our retrospective data banks. It is not the deep analytical source of insight that will somehow help us make sense of the future. It is quite the opposite. Our… Read more »

Navigating Direction : Mastering Pivot Points

Throughout history, the truly great leaders have known when and how to pivot when the situation and the context change. They seem to have a sixth sense and know exactly the right moment at which to abandon what is no longer working and comfortably embrace new tools more suited to the conditions they find themselves… Read more »

Lies We Tell Ourselves

A common and all too often fatal flaw business leaders fall victim to is the tendency to focus on the immediate rather than the important. This is especially true when it comes to the really big things and the truly difficult problems in our lives or businesses. Unfortunately, the hidden costs, consequences and risks of… Read more »