Our Team

An organization is only as good as its people and so we have assembled a diverse and talented team, from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience, who are uniquely qualified to serve the needs of our clients. As transformational business leaders themselves, they have all lived on the front lines of change and know what performance really means and how to achieve it.

To learn more about the key members of our team, please select from the list below.

R. Douglas Williamson

President & CEO

416-229-0605 ext. 201

Doug is President and Chief Executive Officer of The Beacon Group. He is also author of the book Straight Talk on Leadership – Solving Canada’s Business Crisis and regularly speaks, writes, coaches and teaches on the importance of Leadership, Strategy and Talent Management.

Throughout his more than 30 year international business career, Doug has been instrumental in improving the overall performance and effectiveness of countless senior executives, their leadership teams and their organizations, helping them develop high performance strategies, leaders and cultures.

He has lived and worked in Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and has also served clients in Europe, the Nordic countries, Mexico, Australia and the Middle East. Prior to establishing The Beacon Group, Doug held several senior executive level positions with The Royal Bank of Canada. In addition to his experience in the private sector, Doug served in senior executive level positions within the Canadian Government. He served as a Special Advisor in the Office of the Prime Minister, and was a member of the Government’s Commission on Economic Prosperity and one of the principal authors of their report – Financing the New Economy.

Linda McKend

Senior Vice-President & CFO

416-229-0605 ext. 203

Linda is Senior Vice-President & Chief Financial Officer of The Beacon Group.

She is a graduate of both Waterloo University and of Queen’s University, where she obtained her MBA.

Linda is responsible for all aspects of our financial relationship with clients. In addition, she contributes to the day-to-day management of the business and to the development of strategy.

Cathy Atkinson

Vice-President of Relationship Management

416-229-0605 ext. 204

Cathy is the Vice-President – Relationship Management for The Beacon Group. She contributes broadly to many aspects of our business. Cathy’s role in building and maintaining relationships with our clients is accomplished through the provision of key services provided by The Beacon Group. She plays an integral role in the design and delivery of Leadership Development Workshops. Cathy holds a B. Sc. in Occupational Therapy from the University of Western Ontario.

Shannon Talarico

Vice President of Organizational Assessment Solutions

416-229-0605 ext. 206

Shannon is the Vice-President – Organizational Assessment Solutions for The Beacon Group.

Shannon’s responsibilities include overseeing the direct delivery of products and services within The Beacon Group’s assessment division, including advising on survey methodologies, design and implementation, as well as providing customized reporting of survey results to clients. Shannon has contributed to multiple white papers that have been featured in industry publications.

Shannon’s 15 years of experience in survey development and administration have allowed The Beacon Group to expand their assessment business from employee opinion surveys and 360 feedback, to a broad range of customizable survey offerings. Beacon Group surveys can be used to identify and assess succession planning candidates, analyze individual and team effectiveness, measure cultural health, and more.

Shannon holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Women’s Studies from the University of Toronto.

Powin Low

Director of Information Technology

416-229-0605 ext. 209

Powin is the Director of Information Technology for The Beacon Group.

Powin oversees the company’s data systems, which include a robust Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), as well as an extensive library of professional services materials.

He is also charged with managing the co-ordination and execution of the company’s e-marketing efforts.

Christine Jackson

Director - Customer Care

416 229 06 5 ext. 205

Christine is the Director of Client Care & the Executive Assistant to R. Douglas Williamson.
Christine contributes mainly to the Administrative aspects of The Beacon Group as well as overall coordination between Clients & Douglas Williamson.