People Make the Difference

The key to growing a truly high-performing organization is prioritizing the people within. Invest in their development, understand how they think and feel, and support them in making the right decisions.

That is where The Beacon Group comes in. We are your partner in empowering your people to unlock the true potential your organization already possesses. In us, you will find a committed consultant and partner.

See what makes us different that the average management consulting firm:

Relationship Oriented

Our clients are our partners, not our customers. We commit ourselves to understanding your specific challenges and working alongside you to find solutions.

Reliable & Responsive

We are a lean and agile firm that works quickly without sacrificing quality. We prioritize dependability, trust and sincerity and will be there when you need us.

Performance Driven

A partnership with us is centred around channelling all of your untapped human potential into higher and more consistent level of organizational performance.

Outcome Obsessed

When push comes to shove, it’s all about achieving outcomes. Our work is not just theoretical, we are here to support you put it into practice.

Our Clients

We are proud to have supported organizations of all sizes, across industries and geographies. See below for some of our former and current clients:

Our Solutions

We offer a comprehensive collection of solutions and services that meet the people and culture needs of any organization. Divided into three categories, we can be your partner in implementing:

Assessments & Surveys

We provide a level of experience, administration and insight that other online tools just cannot offer, at a price that is far more cost-effective than the big analytics firms.

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Leadership Training

Companies that invest in training are more effective, agile and successful. To make it as easy and cost-effective as possible, we have built a complete curriculum of online leadership development courses.

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Facilitation Consulting

We are your facilitation partner in planning and designing the right structures to effectively manage dialogue around some of the biggest organizational challenges facing your company.

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Our Approach

The key to improving any business is understanding the building blocks of performance. See how we have distilled the complicated world of Organizational Effectiveness into four universal components.

Case Studies

Each organization has their own distinct combination of strategic goals and growth areas. This often means balancing multiple priorities simultaneously. Our Case Studies provide real world insight into how we help balance and address those needs.


We take the time to sift through the endless array of material out there to bring you the newest ideas, thoughts and learnings from across the business world. Check out our latest posts:

More Than a Management Consulting Firm

We reject the common approach of management consulting firms. Leadership development need not be expensive. Assessments can be efficient and truly actionable. Surveys can be simple, impactful and cost-effective. Third-party facilitation can help unlock the doors you fail to see. Learn more about what makes The Beacon Group different.