The Power of Insight

One of the mainstays of any high-performing organization is a commitment to collecting the right information at the right time to drive strategic direction and improve decision making.

Yet all too often, organizations cut corners, the results of which can be calamitous. The wrong insight leads to the wrong decision which leads to the wrong outcome.

The Beacon Group is able to provide a level of experience, administration and insight that other online tools just cannot offer, at a price that is far more cost-effective than the big analytics firms.

The Highlights

The benefits of partnering with The Beacon Group as your third-party business management assessment and survey facilitator cannot be understated. Designed through experience and driven by data, our full-service assessments and surveys provide you with:

Custom Design & Implementation

Your priorities. Your timeline. Your branding. We will work with you to ensure any assessment or survey meets the specific needs of your organization.

Front-to-Back Administration

Communication, distribution, user support, data capture, data processing, we will handle all facets of the assessment and survey administration so you don’t have to.

In-Depth Analysis & Statistical Insight

We apply our decades of experience to distill the information and bring you the key insights. Each assessment and survey includes a series of in-depth reports.

Confidentiality & Anonymity

Having the trust of your employees will provide you the most honest results and feedback. Our approach prioritizes the comfort and safety of every participant.

Our Assessments and Surveys

Each with its own distinct focus, function and purpose, we offer a full suite of assessment and survey tools focused at the Organizational, Team/Unit, and Individual Levels. Regardless of your organization’s specific needs and goals, we have the right solution for you:

Employee Engagement Survey

A pillar of the effective organization, The Beacon Group’s Employee Engagement Survey (EES) is an organization-wide temperature-check. As your employee engagement survey vendor, we can provide:

  • Key insight into the inner workings of your organization and the morale of your workforce.
  • Measurement of the ongoing effectiveness of your organization’s policies, practices and programs.
  • Engagement of your workforce as part of an ongoing commitment to improvement.

Topics and themes include, but are not limited to: management, communication, fair treatment, diversity & inclusion, goals, feedback, growth & development, compensation & incentives, and career advancement.

With the objective of collecting honest feedback and opinions, our presence as an unbiased third-party provides an added layer of confidentiality and security of the process. Our EES includes a presentation of the results along with a collection of extensive reports outlining all the nuance of the data

Organizational Effectiveness Audit

This tool is deployed as an analysis of your company’s internal performance and organizational effectiveness.

Employees are provided an opportunity to share their views on five categories which, taken together, create a picture of the organization and an ability to benchmark against what are considered to be the “Best in Class” elements of high performance. The five categories are:

Compelling Purpose – How well does our Vision, Mission and Strategy resonate with our people?

Committed People – How engaged are our people and are they clear on their accountabilities?

Positive Partnerships – How well do our people work together?

Effective Processes – How do our internal processes impact and enhance our work together?

Performance Orientation – How driven are we and do we all contribute to the maximum of our ability?

Leadership Capability Review

Built around what we have identified as the 16 key leadership skills, The Beacon Group’s Leadership Capability Review has each participant, along with their direct supervisor, complete a leadership core competencies assessment rating the participant’s proficiency level across the full gamut of leadership skills.

We then produce a results report for each participant outlining the key findings of the review; including notable trends, strengths, growth areas and gaps in alignment between participants and their supervisor. An overview report will also be produced for the project lead outlining the findings of all participants reviews.

This leadership core competencies assessment partners well with our Online Leadership Skill Curriculum, as the skills measured align with our sixteen leadership courses.

360° Feedback Review

Designed to provide a complete picture of the performance of a team and each individual within, this 360 feedback tool has participants complete a collection of self and peer evaluations in order to:

  • Provide detailed insight and objective feedback on performance and leadership behaviours
  • Help identify and focus individual and organizational leadership development priorities

Given the sensitive nature of a 360 feedback assessment, once the data is collected and analyzed, The Beacon Group will debrief it at both the individual and team level, identifying notable gaps, trends and implications.

Our 360 feedback tool is a proven and effective way for organizations to anchor themselves in a genuine performance feedback and coaching culture.

Change Leadership Readiness Assessment

Change is constant and unavoidable. The ability to lead through change has become one of the most essential leadership capabilities in today’s world. Our Change Leadership Readiness Assessment is a tool to measure the depth and breadth of your people leaders’ preparedness and capabilities of change management.

Both participants and their direct supervisors complete an assessment of the participant’s capability across a series of change management skills. We process the results to develop an overall profile of each individual being evaluated and produce reports on both the individual and aggregate level. We will then review the findings with senior leaders and provide our insight and recommendations on action planning.

The Change Leadership Readiness Assessment is a must-have tool for any organization that wants to proactively help prepare and develop their people leaders to better navigate change and drive performance across the organization.

Team Effectiveness Assessment

High-functioning teams are the essential foundation upon which healthy, high-performing businesses are built. This tool provides an assessment of team effectiveness and can be used to help improve the cohesive performance of any team, department or work group.

Participants complete an assessment of the performance of their team, their own performance and the performance of their team members.

The Beacon Group’s experience in team effectiveness consulting allows us to process and analyze the results, then present the team leader with a team-level results report. Individual participants will receive an analysis of their own performance within the context of the team.

This high performing team assessment is a valuable tool in identifying team strengths and growth areas, highlighting opportunities for team improvement, and developing action items to improve team alignment.

Talent Identification Review

Among the most effective talent assessment solutions, our review is designed to assist organizations in identifying future leaders, quantifying their succession planning decisions, and implementing targeted and effective retention measures. The Beacon Group’s Talent Identification Review works to systematically and objectively assess the potential of emerging leaders from a very early stage in their development.

This tool evaluates employees against a set of predetermined predictive behavioural indicators that provide insight into the important qualities, aptitudes and characteristics needed in today’s modern leadership situations. The organization’s potential leaders are then plotted onto a single “Talent Map” to help compare individuals and teams to one another, and determine proper, effective career pathing and aid in the development and retention of future leaders.

Pulse Surveys

Designed to be short, focused and highly customizable, The Beacon Group’s workplace pulse survey provides organizations the opportunity to quickly collect information on topics ranging from leadership effectiveness, employee engagement, employee well-being, strategic direction, or any of your other organizational objectives.

Completed in less than 10-minutes, our workplace pulse survey provides clients with valuable insights, and the opportunity to repeat on a regular basis and benchmark results over time. The Beacon Group handles all administration, including design, facilitation, data analysis and production of user-friendly reports to provide valuable, actionable feedback for organizational and people & culture leaders.

Individual Diagnostics Assessments

For organizations looking to identify and measure specific traits or skill sets on an individual basis within their workforce. The Beacon Group offers a multitude of individual diagnostic employee assessments.

These tools are useful in providing both employees and leaders with a more nuanced and in-depth understanding of their own strengths and growth areas. Our diagnostic assessments include:

  • DISC Insights Style Profile
  • EQ (Emotional Quotient) Profile
  • Watson-Glazer – Critical Thinking Appraisal
  • Thomas Kilmann – Conflict Styles Assessment

Each of the employee assessments have a participant complete a collection of self-facing questions, the data is then processed into customized reports providing both individuals and leaders with personal insights into the specific traits or skill set.


Curious about something? You’re not the only one. See what questions we most commonly get asked.

Why should we conduct any type of survey or assessment?

There are a couple of old sayings that guide our thinking. First – “the worst truth is still better than the best lie.” Second – “always measure twice and cut once.” In other words, The Beacon Group can help you focus on some of the truths that lie just beneath the surface and help you measure the gaps and track progress along the way.

How will The Beacon Group collect the surveys?

In the vast majority of cases, we utilize a secure online survey portal which allows for maximum accuracy and quick turnaround, and individualized invites allow for a heightened level of security. However, in some environments there is still no substitute for a paper based survey, which can be proctored by The Beacon Group to ensure compliance and a high response rate.

Will the results be confidential to those completing the survey or assessment?

Yes. The most important part of any survey, assessment or review is to collect accurate, honest and unvarnished insights from people. The Beacon Group is committed to acting as the honest, unbiased third-party intermediary in the process. We protect all individual inputs and only share results that are aggregated into a statistically significant cohort which preserves participant anonymity.

How will the data be presented?

Anyway that makes sense for you. Typically, The Beacon Group will present a series of digital reports with the data cut and analyzed across a broad collection of angles. We generally prefer first to present the data in a formal briefing where we can answer questions and provide clarification based on our years of data analysis expertise.

Will we come away with anything tangible like an Action Plan?

While the data is important, it is the insights gained from the data that matters most. One of our trademarks is to provide our analysis along with recommendations based on what the data is telling us. Most of the time we benchmark that data so customers understand where they stand versus others in their sector.