Prioritize Your People

CEOs across industries agree on their biggest challenge: Talent. Be it attracting, hiring, retaining, developing, growing, engaging, or succession planning, making an investment in your people is a strategic priority.

If your organization is looking to address:

  • Underperformance of the Business
  • Weak or Inconsistent Management
  • A Shortage of Emerging Talent
  • Fragmented Workplace Culture
  • Gaps in Trust & Credibility
  • Lack of Alignment & Understanding

Or you are just looking to stay ahead of the competitive curve, as experts in business culture consulting, The Beacon Group has the solutions to elevate both your people & culture and organizational effectiveness.


The Roadmap to Organizational Excellence

Every organizational journey is different, but we are all travelling the same roads. Through our experience in business culture consulting, The Beacon Group has put together the roadmap to help you reach your destination without missing anything along the way. No matter the specifics, every path to improvement is built on the same four stepping stones:


Where are you starting from? The first step is always to look internally and understand your reality.


We can’t go at it alone. Building a mutual trust between all parties is a necessity on any journey.


Things get complicated. With battling priorities, everyone on the team needs to stay on the same page.


Design, Change, Innovate. With the first three steps in hand, you can unlock a whole new world of potential.

Our Solutions

We offer a full-suite of business culture consulting services and solutions, all of which are sorted into three categories: Assessments & Surveys, Leadership Training, and Facilitation Consulting.

Assessments & Surveys

A well designed survey and assessment strategy is critical for leaders to gain the insight necessary to improve the health of their organization and the individuals and teams who comprise them. To make that as simple as possible, The Beacon Group offers a full portfolio of surveys & assessments. Driven by data, our full-service surveys and assessments provide you:

  • Custom Design & Implementation
  • Front-to-Back Administration
  • In-Depth Analysis & Statistical Insight
  • Confidentiality & Anonymity for all Employees

Leadership Training

We believe in the power of lifelong learning and the importance of personal growth. That being said, we understand every organization has a bottom line, and all too often investments in training and development are seen as discretionary and fall lower in priority than other budget items.

That is where The Beacon Group comes in. We have taken our 20+ years of experience and distilled it into a 16-course online leadership training program, centred around the most fundamental modern leadership skills, which match the needs of your organization with the practical realities of the world.

Facilitation Consulting

The Beacon Group has spent decades helping guide teams of all sizes and seniority to a more dynamic level of strategic leadership dialogue. Working with us will provide you a partner who can help your organization navigate through its most crucial conversations.

The Beacon Group can help your team think better by embracing:

  • Dialogue – Instead of circular discussion and endless debate.
  • Collaboration – Rather than consensus and sub-optimal compromise.
  • Discovery – Shifting to deep insight from surface analysis and incrementalism.


Curious about something? You’re not the only one. See what questions we most commonly get asked.

Why do we need to use an outside firm to help us?

Every organization has its own areas of operational expertise, but seldom does that expertise include the specialized skills necessary to objectively evaluate and recommend changes that would drive improvements in organizational effectiveness. The Beacon Group brings an external perspective which allows for greater objectivity and clarity. We are not limited by the internal points of view which are sometimes out of step with best practice.

Why would we use The Beacon Group and not someone else?

The Beacon Group brings over 25 years of experience working with organizations of all sizes, across industries and geographies. We are a pragmatic, results oriented firm focused on delivering results that work, not lengthy reports which gather dust. We believe in the merits of genuine partnership that brings creativity, flexibility and professional standards of excellence to everything we do.

We are unique. How will The Beacon Group know our company?

While every organization has its own story, history and culture and may like to think of themselves as unique, the truth is people are people and there is common set of challenges faced by most organizations. The Beacon Group are experts in the fields of organizational and leadership effectiveness and bring knowledge and expertise from multiple engagements to help shape customized solutions for our clients.

Won’t you just tell us what we already know?

There are few surprises in organizational life and so The Beacon Group will very likely not tell you anything you don’t already know but we will tell you what you need to know and what to do about it. Our role is to close the knowing-doing gap by shining a bright light on some of the realities you may be choosing to either ignore or understate and then assist in mobilizing action.

Aren’t all consulting firms expensive?

Some are – The Beacon Group is not. We understand economics and we know that the big and expensive firms tend to over complicate and over engineer their solutions. They also drag things out. In our case we believe in the power of elegant simplicity which scales solutions to budgets.