Crossing Uncharted Territory

19 February , 2020

We recently took a deep dive look into PWC’s 23rd Annual Global CEO Survey, titled Navigating the Rising Tide of Uncertainty. It is thought provoking – to say the least. Their research found a dramatic reversal in mood from just two years ago – from a record level of optimism, to a record level of pessimism.

It got us thinking since it mirrors our read of the market from the work we do with our clients.

Their extensive data allowed them to identify several themes under an overarching concern about how uncertainty is undermining the economic outlook on many different levels.

While there is no end to the valuable information in their report, I would like to shine a light on one of these themes, the one related to the question of talent and the fact the decision to upskill the workforce or not is no longer even a question. It is no longer a question because upskilling is imperative. Full stop.

The forces driving the need to upskill have been gaining momentum for many years now and you will recognize them immediately:

  • Increasing job automation
  • Decreasing talent availability
  • Decreasing mobility of skilled labour
  • The ageing of talent

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

There is a lot to absorb in this report and a lot to think about. It is definitely worth a serious read. Read full report.

Written By:

Geoffrey Williamson

Geoffrey is the Senior Director of Project & Account Management at The Beacon Group. He is the primary contact for clients in the design and implementation of our products and services.

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