Harnessing Opportunity – Vol. 3

6 August , 2020

Most of us have been cut off from our usual office routines for several months now. Face to face contact with people, the ability to meet casually and the other material comforts of our workplace have disappeared. While we have all learned to adapt, there is an emerging need to double down on efforts to build a healthy, committed and motivated workforce. The long-term health and performance of your organization is dependent on a rising level of what is called “discretionary investment” from your people – a level of commitment that goes well beyond the narrower definition of employee engagement. I’m hoping this week’s resources will convince you to take some time to do an honest and objective analysis on the health of your workforce and implement new, bold measures to get the best out of your employees and improve your organizational performance.

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The Employee Experience

As we look to stabilize our business practices, we have the opportunity to rethink the employee experience in ways that respect individual differences, allow for flexibility and improve efficiency. McKinsey & Co has outlined three things leaders can do to optimize their employee’s experience.


Happiness at Work

There are 3 or so billion workers on the planet, but only 40% report being happy at work. The data shows that having dissatisfied employees at your organization can have a dramatic effect on organizational performance. In this video equity visionary Michael C. Bush shares 3 tips for how to create happy employees.


The Struggles of Remote Managing

The shift to remote working has forced managers to re-imagine how they get the most from their team; however, many are struggling to adjust and keep up. Harvard Business Review’s recent article will walk you through how your managers are struggling and what you as a leader can do to set your organization up for success.


The Emotion Archive

McKinsey & Co. surveyed 120+ professionals in eight countries to see how COVID-19 has challenged and changed their lives. Taking the time to understand the current emotions of our employees allows leaders to establish a work environment that best addresses the most pressing challenges with our ‘new normal’.


Workplace Satisfaction

We talk a lot about ‘best practices’, but how do we know they are the best? More often than not we are just copying the majority. When it came to establishing an organization that people actually want to work for, Netflix’s former Chief Talent Officer ‘Patty McCord’ threw the handbook out the window. See her 8 lessons on building a workplace that people enjoy.

Written By:

Geoffrey Williamson

Geoffrey is the Senior Director of Project & Account Management at The Beacon Group. He is the primary contact for clients in the design and implementation of our products and services.

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