Leadership In Times of Crisis – Vol. 2

2 April , 2020

Uncertainty has become the new norm. As all indications are that self-isolation will continue for the foreseeable future, both our personal and professional lives seem to be caught in limbo. Thus, it is more important than ever to develop new routines wherever possible: creating work-life boundaries, socializing online with friends and family, getting outdoors for a (socially distanced) walk. I hope you are all well and safe and find this week’s resources useful.

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Business Leaders the world over are seeking the information and guidance necessary to navigate the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak. McKinsey & Company has created an ever-evolving document to keep us all up to speed on the most recent news – check out COVID-19: Implications for Business.


Construction workers, asylum seekers, paramedics, toddlers, the elderly, the incarcerated – no one is safe from the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak. This week, the podcast This American Life shares a number of stories from the everyday people affected by this pandemic.


As the COVID-19 outbreak affects businesses across industries, business leaders have been forced to react. In many cases, we have seen mass lay-offs in an attempt to keep companies afloat. Direct, compassionate and transparent leadership is integral in these times – check out this video from Ed Sims, the President and CEO of WestJet, to see how he has handled the devastating impacts to his organization and the airline industry.


The COVID-19 outbreak is now well beyond anything that can be stopped, our only option now is to try and slow the spread. This is why most nations in the world have put into place social distancing measures. To gain some insight into how these practices actually impact the outbreak – check out this video from VOX to understand why fighting the coronovirus depends on us all.


In the process of having our daily routines upended, many of us are feeling a myriad of feelings these days, including what could be categorized as grief. Scott Berinato from Harvard Business Review explores how putting words to our feelings may help us understand and cope with them better.

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Geoffrey Williamson

Geoffrey is the Senior Director of Project & Account Management at The Beacon Group. He is the primary contact for clients in the design and implementation of our products and services.

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