Leadership In Times of Crisis – Vol. 6

20 April , 2020

We are entering a transition in this current global crisis. After weeks of complete stagnation, the gears of the world are slowly beginning to turn again. Some of the hardest hit nations and regions are beginning to lay the framework for an easing of their isolation policies; and while that raises many questions from a health and safety standpoint, it also raises some important questions about how we as a society will behave as we begin to reintegrate. What lessons have we learned from this experience? Will we apply the new insights we have gained? Or will we try to return to the ‘old normal’? As business leaders, what is our social responsibility moving forward? I hope this week’s resources provide a new lens through which to view this crisis and inspire some new thinking and perspectives.

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How To Leave Lockdown

Without a vaccine, much of the world is still vulnerable to the COVID-19 outbreak, but what is the social and economic toll that our current isolation policies are taking? The Economist explores the best way to leave a lockdown. Doing a risk-to-benefit analysis for your own organization will prove imperative in finding the right path forward.


The Art of Perseverance

The challenges faced in the past few months have been unprecedented, but the onslaught does not end here. Perseverance will be key in weathering this storm, but easier said than done. On his podcast, Guy Kawasaki explores the ‘Art of Perseverance’ and provides 10 tips on how to survive and thrive during this pandemic.


From Panic to Purpose

With many facets of business on pause, we have been presented with a rare opportunity to ask ourselves: what could ‘better business’ look like? This week, Harvard Business Review explores the growing movement to prioritize ‘purpose over profit’ and how our current moment is the perfect opportunity to unlock the vast potential of making such an organizational change.


Think Like a Mother

Moments of crisis require us to explore new perspectives in order to find solutions to complex and novel problems. Women’s right activist Yifat Susskind proposes that in times of uncertainty we should all think more like a mother, because “when you think like a mother, you prioritize the needs of the many, not the whims of a few.”


Finding Hope

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a global impact, and global problems require global solutions. It is easy in times of crisis to turn inward; however, the most impactful solutions will be compassionate and collaborative. In TIME Magazine’s new collection “Finding Hope” they ask key global figures to help us find the positive in these difficult times. From the Dalai Lama to Margaret Atwood to Mikhail Gorbachev, see what wisdom they have to share.

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Geoffrey Williamson

Geoffrey is the Senior Director of Project & Account Management at The Beacon Group. He is the primary contact for clients in the design and implementation of our products and services.

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