A global, publicly traded company that employs over 500,000 people, in over 40 countries, manages their business through a highly decentralized structure. As a result, the management of each regional operation has the freedom to find creative ways to tailor their human capital and business strategies to the needs of the local market. The organization believes the combination of their global brand name and resources, together with local management autonomy, sets them up for sustainable excellence across their entire global network.

Over the past decade, the Canadian division had grown to be twice the size of their next biggest competitor through a combination of acquisitions and organic growth. The CEO knew sustaining performance excellence through this period of growth would not be easy. The CHRO understood that as they grow, their organizational culture, talent management and leadership development processes would need to evolve.

The Solution

With decentralized management being a key facet of the organization’s approach, the regional business operation in Canada faced two major challenges in maintaining their organizational effectiveness:

First – how to retain the benefits of a more entrepreneurial mindset and approach while also leveraging the advantages of organization wide alignment.

Second – how to allow for creative independence and a diversity of management styles across various business units while also ensuring a unique overarching culture and common set of core values and leadership competencies.

The Beacon Group was brought in to assist the client in developing a tailored solution to address their two key priorities. The result was a four-phased approach:


Phase I – Gather the Facts

To establish a baseline from which to measure progress, we administered an Organizational Effectiveness Audit to identify critical gaps and areas for focus and attention. This became an annual tool to help identify the key areas for focus and attention while also holding business unit leaders accountable for year over year improvements.

Phase II – Develop a Framework

Using the data gained from the Organizational Effectiveness Audit we were able to facilitate a cross functional team of leaders to create a new cultural effectiveness framework in the form of a unique set of Core Values and Leadership Competencies.

Phase III – Measure for Success

The new framework was put in place and all people leaders were assessed against that framework using a customized 360° Feedback tool which The Beacon Group developed and administered for the client.

Phase IV – Implement Training & Action Plans

The results of the feedback were used to shape a multifaceted Online Leadership Training Program for the key people-leaders within the organization. In conjunction, Personal Development Plans were created for each individual leader to commit to targeted improvements over time.

The Result

The company continues to outperform the market and has been able to retain and attract top talent due to the strength of their business model, the culture they have nurtured and their commitment to investment in their people.


Senior Leaders surveyed for Organizational Effectiveness Audit


Leaders on the Cultural Effectiveness Framework design team


People Leaders completed the 360° Feedback Review


High-Potential People Leaders participated in online Leadership Training