This well-established manufacturing company has plants in 40+ locations, in 8 countries and are continuing to expand. They employ over 16,000 people, speaking 20+ different languages. The company plays a dominant role in a hyper competitive industry that is part of a complex global supply chain.

The organization was committed to measuring progress and performance in all parts of their business, including employee engagement, organizational effectiveness, and leadership competency. In addition, they wanted a means to measure and benchmark each location over time while holding the local management accountable.

The Solution

As a result, they were seeking a third-party partner who could administer a confidential, secure, and unbiased annual global survey of all their employees, and who could analyze and asses the results at both the organizational and local level while also recommending action plans for improvement.

We were able to design a full turn-key solution that did not put any additional pressure on the local Human Resources teams at each of their 40+ locations. By maintaining control of the administration process on their behalf, we were able to ensure confidentiality for every employee while collecting the most complete and honest data possible. The solution ended up being a six-phase process:

Phase I – Alignment

The first step was for us to understand the key topics, themes, and elements that the client needed to be measured. We then paired that with our recommendations for best-practices within the modern workplace and their specific industry, including Diversity & Inclusion, Health & Safety, Communication, Workplace Environment, Compensation, among others. We also had to consider differing local understandings, customs, and management practices across geographic locations.

Phase II – Survey Design

Based on the information gathered, we designed a proposed survey tool to the six regional Human Resources leaders assigned as the project leads. We then worked alongside the group to adjust and refine the survey to meet their specific needs. Additional considerations included the need for the survey to function in both digital and analog formats and translation compatibility for 20+ languages.

Phase III – Administration Protocols

As the primary administrators, we developed and managed the training, communications, logistics and additional procedures for the Human Resources lead at each location to ensure consistency throughout the process. The thoroughness of the procedures also ensured the highest level of trust in the confidentiality of the process among employees.

Phase IV – Survey Administration

Due to the nature of the client’s organizational structure and workforce, the survey was administered digitally to some employees (through personalized emails with links to our secure survey portal), and in-person to other employees (using paper surveys submitted to The Beacon Group’s proctors or secured drop-boxes).

Phase V – Processing & Publishing

After the individual surveys were submitted to us, they were verified, scanned (if necessary) and processed in a timely manner. Reports were then created for each specific location outlining the findings of the survey for their location, along with an aggregate report of any written comments. A series of consolidated organization-wide result reports were also produced for the project leads.

Phase VI – Analysis

The company wished to have our objective assessment and analysis of the results and our insights on the trends and key areas for action and follow-up. We applied best-practice to our data analysis and packaged our insights into a live presentation of the results and findings for the project leads, along with additional reports that could be shared at the local management and senior global leader levels.

The Result

The company has conducted the Employee Engagement Survey as an annual piece for over ten years, using the results to hold local management accountable for maintaining certain standards and driving year over year improvement. The company has seen a steady increase in the number of employees participating and the overall results have improved consistently over time. Where necessary, the survey has been an important tool to help them develop management competencies at the local level.


surveys collected over the past five years


average written comments collected annually


individual locations across eight countries


languages used