A highly regarded company in a highly specialized field, their employees and managers are technical professionals who have deep expertise in their own areas of competence but are not naturally steeped in the skills associated with people management or cross functional collaboration.

The CEO of the organization understood the importance of having solid, well rounded leadership skills across the company. In a narrow but highly competitive labour market, they had a vested interest in investing in leadership training as a means of retaining and attracting great talent.

The Solution

Having identified the need to upgrade the management and leadership skills of roughly 80 people leaders and 15 senior leaders in different locations, the challenge became how to administer the training in in a cost-effective manner and in a way which would allow each manager to schedule their learning in the best way possible for them.

The obvious answer was to use the increasingly accepted and widely popular tools of modern online e-learning that would allow all the participants to progress through a series of common, interactive learning modules but at their own pace without having to assemble in a traditional classroom setting. The solution ended up being a four-phase process:

Phase I – Define the Development Needs

We had partnered with the client previously as the third-party administrator for their Employee Engagement Survey; as such, we had line of sight into what the critical development areas might be. Pairing that knowledge with the priorities of the client’s top leaders, we were able to produce a list of key leadership competencies that we wanted to address.

Phase II – Package the Curriculum

Having defined the development areas, we were able to agree on a customized bundle of courses from our Online Leadership Training Curriculum. We agreed to a timeline that saw sets of courses released periodically, each building upon the previous and allowing participants to proceed through the material at their own pace in balance with their regular duties.

Phase III – Deliver the Courses

We designed and built a custom branded Learning Portal for the client on our in-house learning management system (LMS). Participants were then able to sign-in using personal log-in credentials, and access, save and re-visit the course work assigned to their personal account. We were then able to provide the client with regular update reports on the progress of their learners.

Phase IV – Anchor the Learning

At the end of each scheduled phase of the program, we facilitated a live virtual recap dialogue session where the key themes, topics, and ideas from the previous set of courses would be reviewed and discussed to solidify the learning. The use of periodic quizzes and self-assessments was also utilized to further cement the learning and weave it into the participant’s everyday practice.

The Results

The company has received consistently positive feedback from the participants who not only welcomed the chance to upgrade their leadership skills and embrace new ideas and practices, but who also appreciated the investment the company had made and the commitment they had shown to their personal and professional development. The client has made the Leadership Training a regular part of their talent strategy, allowing for continuing development of leadership competencies organization-wide.


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distinct cohorts, each with a custom curriculum


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